Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Months November and December in Malaysia

The month of November I spent celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights, Deepavali,  in Ipoh. Ipoh, which is 7 hours north of Johor Bahru, is a beautiful small city surrounded my mountains and caves filled with Buddhist temples. I spent Deepavali with a very nice Tamil-speaking Indian family. Luckily I was the same size as the daughter of the family (already grown with a family of her own)  so I got to dress up in her old punjabi suits and sarees every day! Deepavali celebrates the triumph of good over evil and pays respect to those passed away. It is celebrated by visiting family members homes, eating A LOT, and dancing. I really enjoyed experiencing Indian culture and a different part of Malaysia.
Also in November I followed the Perak chapter on a trip to Cameroon highlands. We visited flower gardens, tea plantations, and went on a jungle trek to see the biggest flower in the world.

-AFS orientation
-Week staying in Kuala Lumpur
-promoting HIV awareness in Johor Bahru
-Christmas with my family!
-Volunteer work

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