Tuesday, November 6, 2012

September and October in Malaysia!

Greetings from Malaysia! I would first like to apologize for not posting in over two months. I have been facing a busy schedule and technological difficulties, I do hope to post more frequently in the future. 

Highlights from month 3:
-Visiting many Chinese temples
-Meeting my Chinese amma (grandmother)
-Chinese puppet show
-Interviewed by TV7
-Seventh month (ghost month) on Chinese calendar 
-Hungry Ghost Festival
-Lantern Festival!
-Mooncake/ Mid-Autumn Festival
So as probably apparent I spent this month learning a lot about Chinese and Buddhist culture and traditions. One thing everyone has to love about Malaysia is the multitude if festivals celebrated here! 
Highlights from month 4:
-Universal studios Singapore with Rachael (American) & Gabi (Argentinian) 
-Preparations for Deepavali (Indian Festival of Lights)
-Buying my first saree
-Indian expo in little India 
-People actually believing I'm Indian!!! (Feels good to fit it!)
-Celebrating Hari Raya Aidaldha/Hari Raya Qurban/Hari Raya Hajji with an awesome Malay family in an awesome kampung (sorry for the graphic pics!)
-ETA farewell dinner at US ambassador Paul Jones residence in Kuala Lumpur with other YES students
-Halloween party planned by Rachael, Gabi & myself for the disabled community we volunteer with. Included dancing, costumes, candy & a viewing of Hocus Pocus.

So it's been a crazy few months, good and bad, but what I've since gained from it is a stronger appreciation for this country, the people, and the culture. I do believe this is an attitude I will maintain for the rest of my exchange year because I also feel that what is important to me has changed as well. I want the focus of the rest of my year in Malaysia to be on trying to understand all three of the different cultures here and in turn hopefully provide a better understanding of Americans as well. I've experienced and learned so much already in the short four months since I've arrived in Malaysia I wouldn't dare try to even guess what else is in store for me in the following seven months lah!

Terima Kasih & Jumpa Lagi!

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